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We’ll take care of it.

MagnaCare has a simple formula: understand the needs of our members, recruit a network of providers to match their needs, and treat everyone like a neighbor.

For years, we’ve kept New York and New Jersey healthy with MagnaCare Access, our top-notch regional network of doctors, facilities, and specialty providers. And when our members live in or travel to another state, we look after them with MagnaCare National Access – our extended network of providers with the same credentials as those back home.

Nowadays, we’re developing even more nuanced healthcare offerings and recruiting leading providers within the tri-state and across the country.

So if your needs are one-in-a-million, call us and we’ll find a solution. And if your doctor isn’t already part of our network, let us know and we’ll give ‘em a ring.

Our number is 800.235.7267. Contact us and see what we mean. We treat every conversation as an opportunity to prove that our network, our people, and our hometown is truly the pinnacle of care.

    • Simply The Best Network Around:

      70,000+ Provider Locations and 229 Hospitals in the tri-state region

      177,000 Primary Care Physicians, 4,600 Hospitals, and 333,000 Specialists nationally

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You’ll enjoy the experience on, where you can:

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