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Electronic Funds Transmission (EFT) / Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
How to Enroll Your Office for EFT/ERA

1. Providers can register and login to to enroll for EFT/ERA.

2. Include a voided check from the bank account in which you wish to deposit electronic payments.

3. Submit these documents to MagnaCare Provider Services in one of these three ways:

Basic Requirements for EFT/ERA
  • A bank account in which to deposit the electronic funds.
  • Your clearinghouse/software vendor must be able to accept the ERA file in the 835 HIPAA standard format. Please review MagnaCare Health Care Claim Payment/Remittance Advice (835) Companion Guide (533KB)
  • EFT is accompanied by ERA.
  • MagnaCare will issue ERA & EFT for claims that are administered by MagnaCare.
  • EFT and ERA are supported at the Provider TIN level. All providers billing under that TIN will be enrolled in the EFT/ERA process.




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