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The National Provider Identifier (NPI) gives every healthcare provider a government-issued standard identification number. By requiring only one number instead of using several different numbers with different provider identifiers for each healthplan, the NPI helps the healthcare system to run smoother and more efficiently.


How do providers submit NPI information to MagnaCare?
  • Through MagnaCare website under the providers self service menu by filling out the Individual or Organization form.
  • The Group/Organization can also download the excel template from the website and send it to MagnaCare via e-mail [email protected]
What data must be submitted?
What is the time line for implementation of NPI?
Providers can submit their NPI information effective immediately. MagnaCare will start accepting NPI numbers on claims effective 5/15/2007.
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Will MagnaCare reject claims submitted without the NPI number?
MagnaCare will follow dual identifier strategy but will not reject claims if NPI number is not available.
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How does MagnaCare plan to use the NPI number submitted on the claims?
MagnaCare plans to use Billing providers Tax Identification Number (TIN) to select the billing information from the claim. NPI number will be used as a additional demographic Information to get a better match.
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Will MagnaCare reject claims that do not have NPI information for Referring Physician?
MagnaCare will not reject claims for missing NPI information for Referring Physician.
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Will MagnaCare require a copy of NPI notification letter?
No, MagnaCare will not require a copy of NPI notification letter.
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Will MagnaCare accept Fax submission?
No, MagnaCare will not accept Fax submission.
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Will MagnaCare confirm NPI information back to provider?
No, MagnaCare will not confirm back to provider.
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Will MagnaCare require furnishing the NPI of Referring Physician on claim or will Referring Physician name continue to suffice?
MagnaCare will accept claims which have Referring Physician’s names and no NPI number.
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Can provider voluntarily bill with NPI prior to 05/23/2007?
MagnaCare will be able to accept NPI on the claims effective 5/15/2007.
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Will using the NPI change the way checks are issued to providers?
NPI implementation will not impact the check issuance to providers.
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When can providers start submitting claims with new UB04 and CMS 1500 forms?
MagnaCare will be able to accept new claim forms effective 5/15/2007.
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Download Templates for NPI
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