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Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) FAQs

For technical Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) questions, or to set up an account with Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON), please contact Change Healthcare's (formerly EMDEON) technical support number: 800.845.6592.

Will the claim processing be quicker than it is now?
Yes, electronically sent claims are exceptionally faster to process than paper claims.
Do I have to be signed up with Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) for you to receive my claims?
No, you don’t have to be signed up with Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) for us to receive your claims. You can use another electronic clearinghouse that is compatible.
What is your MagnaCare Payor ID #?
Have you communicated the Payor ID # to all clearing houses?
Yes, this will be communicated to all clearinghouses through the Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) broadcast via bulletin board.
Do I need to notify my clearinghouse/vendor to update their systems to accommodate the MagnaCare Payor ID?
Yes you do, in case your clearinghouse is not part of Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON).
How long will it take for me to get paid if I submit electronically?
This depends on the payor.
Can your clients receive claims electronically also?
Not all of them.
Do I need to submit paper claims for a while as well as electronic?
No, you would just need to submit electronically.
How can I get connected to begin submitting electronic claims?
You need to set up a Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) or another electronic clearinghouse account.
Do I have to have a Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) account #?
No, you could use another clearinghouse that submits electronically.
I need some help with technical issues, where/who can I contact?
Please contact the technical support number at 800.845.6592.
I am not participating with MagnaCare but I do see some MagnaCare members, can I submit electronically?
Yes, you can submit electronically.
Why does it say Payor ID # is not set up or is invalid when I submit claims?
Please verify that you have the correct Payor ID #. (If yes) Have you checked with your vendor or clearinghouse to make sure the Payor ID # is set up in their system? (If no) Please contact your vendor or clearinghouse. (If yes) Please call the technical support number at 800.845.6592.
How do I check claim status when I submit claims?
You can use the online look-up service on the MagnaCare website.
How can I check claim status if I am not a participating provider?
Customer service can assist you with that.

For more information e-mail us at [email protected] or leave a message at 800.582.6037. For technical questions about Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON), or affiliates, please call 800.845.6592.

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