Workers Comp / No Fault
Time is money, and good health is priceless.

Healthy employees equal productive employees. Getting back to work as quickly possible from a personal, auto-related, or work-related injury or illness is a key to success for any company. MagnaCare is more than just a leading-PPO in the Group Health Market in New York and New Jersey—we’ve established our position in the Worker’s Compensation and Auto No Fault market as a leader.

We help our members get back to work as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, all the while maintaining healthcare quality at its peak. We offer discounts on certain services that are often better than those provided by state fee arrangements, and we’ve got a top-notch account team dedicated to fulfilling your needs.

We participate as a network provider in the following programs:

  • The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program
  • The New York State Recommendation of Care (Voluntary) Program.
  • The New Jersey Workers' Compensation Program
  • New York State Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Voluntary Access Program
  • New Jersey Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Voluntary Access Program

If healthier, more productive employees are on your mind, give us a call at  877.624.6220

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